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Swimming with wild dolphins

The dolphins have changed my life. While I was swimming with them, I didn’t realize how much of a shift they would cause in my life, which I could only begin to feel once the experience had landed after I returned home.

When I was swimming with the dolphins in the Red Sea it felt like I was a part of their world… a part of their group… a part of their life. And their underwater world is so much different than ours that I would never be able look at my own world the same way I did before. 

Photo taken by David Gyurasz

First of all: in their world, time doesn’t exist. There is only now and there are no worries. Everything is perfect the way it is. The way they communicate is by empathy. They feel what you feel. They know you completely and you can feel that. I can still see the way they looked at me with one very wise looking eye.

After a few days of swimming I started to learn how to play with them. I chose a dolphin, waited until he (or she) could feel my attention towards him, and then if he wanted to play he would come to me or if he were already close by I would swim towards him. Then he would make a dive while inviting me to dive with him or swim with his belly alongside me, without touching me. It was a special feeling to know that he fully trusted me and knew when for example I was going to move my arm, so that we didn’t touch each other.

Photo taken by David Gyurasz

The best feeling I got was when many playful dolphins surrounded me. I dove playfully into the water and when I swam up two dolphins swirled around me and I could feel the rest of them were “in the game” too. We were ONE as a group! They let me be a part of their group… Which is an amazing feeling that words cannot describe.

Photo taken by Nele Dewilde


It also helped that I was with a group of old souls from all over the world, who were so loving and we had ceremonies together in which we got to experience each other on a deep level. I love ceremonies and workshops, I wish life were always like that where people don’t talk much, only talk about what they feel right now and give each other space for feeling the way they do. And looking each other deep into the eyes until everything that stands between you comes to the surface, quickly dissolves and what you’re both left with is the feeling that you are one and that you love each other so much beyond what words could even express. That is what REAL communication is, if you ask me.

I am so grateful for this experience and I am glad that I chose to follow my heart and go on this dream trip. Now that I’m back in “real life” (or it is more accurate to say “false life”, haha), I am implementing this dream into my day-to-day life.

For example, I was delivering mail and when I was done I was exhausted. What I would normally do is go home as quickly as possible because I don’t like to be tired when I’m not at home. The only thing in my mind would be: go home, pee, eat, and rest. In this case it would be an unpleasant experience to go home, just a means to an end.

But this time I realized I could do something about my state of being right here and now. So I sat on a bench in nature and meditated. I opened myself up to the peace and serenity of this moment and my soul was fed with life energy. I realized that what made me so tired was resisting where I am at this moment. I wanted to go home, because I thought it would be better there. I was wrong! When I embraced this moment by sitting on a couch listening to nature, I immediately got new energy. And while I returned home, I was enjoying myself. I stopped a few times along the way to pick some flowers and herbs. When I was home I didn’t have to rest, I had energy to find a nice vase for the flowers and make myself some fresh herbal tea. I realized: this is the way to enjoy life!!!

Photo taken by David Gyurasz

I had a tendency to always work towards something. And I thought life was hard. But what if it could be different? Life is not hard for the dolphins. It is a playground. Time is something humans created, but it doesn’t really exist. The only thing that matters is where you are NOW. And whatever you’re doing, do it with your full attention and if you can’t because you’re tired or there is something else you think you need to do first to be happy and relaxed, do it RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW or simply just stop wining about it and LOOK WHERE YOU ARE, THERE'S SO MUCH AMAZINGNESS ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE. You're on Earth! We've been given this incredible planet. What more could we ask for? I mean, .... let this sink in... Why think about the past or future when we've been given this wonderful present. No more wining, thinking, worrying for me. I'm DONE. From now on I'm living life to the fullest.

With love,


P.S. For those interested, this is where I booked this dolphin trip and I highly recommend it (there will be another trip in 2020)

Photo taken by Tóth Tamás

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